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RAMP and Gamification

After the EMC “All Hands” meeting wrapped up, I had the good fortune to be with @mjbrender when he bumped into @TylerAltrup. Both of these fine gentlemen are heavily involved in the Recognition, Award and Motivation Program (RAMP) on the EMC Community Forums.

I’ve been thinking a lot about RAMP and Badgeville and how it might be possible to extend the core concepts into the support space — not so much in terms of rewards but in terms of recognition. Even though our chat was short, I think it was valuable.

The main takeaways for me were:

  1. From the Community Forums side of things, it would be (relatively) easy to link together the Badgeville profiles used for RAMP and the Service Center interface used by support to accept and work cases, make notes, etc.
  2. Service Center could be used as an additional data source for Community Forums points and missions.
  3. When there is a spike in service request (SR) volume, it can be difficult for the support team to know which cases to prioritize. Prioritization of cases is largely a manual process at the moment and it can be time consuming for the workflow managers who manage the queues. If, on the other hand, the manager on duty (MOD) could assign additional points or mission milestones to a particular service request (for example, they could assign 10 “bonus” points to an SR if a call is received on the MOD phone for a low severity case), this would encourage Support Engineers to prioritize these more valuable cases.
  4. As with anything, one has to consider how the system could be gamed. If cases were to increase in value as they aged, for example, this would encourage people to leave the case until they could receive maximum possible benefit. Fortunately, the competitive nature of the system itself should do a good job to discourage this — leaving a case for too long hoping to maximize your own personal benefit could easily backfire since everybody on the team would be striving to pick up the most valuable cases first.

I think we’ll have to have a discussion with the Powers That Be for Service Center to see if this is something they would be able to support.

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