Rolling Windows and Sticky Bytes

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My name is Ian Anderson and this is my personal blog.

I am currently working for Dell EMC as a member of the Avamar Engineering team and Avamar Ninja in Training. I work primarily on the Avamar server, troubleshooting issues, writing tools, and delivering training. You can find me on the Dell EMC Community Forums as ianderson (yes, I am that dragon-hat guy).

In my off-work hours, you’ll usually find me cooking, tinkering with web stuff or struggling to learn enough Polish to follow the conversation at Christmas dinner with my wife’s family.

I am on twitter @ionthegeek.

All opinions posted are my own.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Patrick says:

    Sorry to contact you on your personnal page for professionnal topics, but I’m operations and infrastructure manager in a French company, and we are not able to restore data with AER (out of life). You seem’s the only guy able to help us (very good skills !)
    Are you ok to try to help us (condition must be defined) ?
    Thank you by advance for your answer

    • ianderson says:

      I recommend that you contact support. While AER is end of life and the support team can’t help you create new tapes, you may be able to pay Time & Materials for help with restoring from existing tapes.

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