Rolling Windows and Sticky Bytes

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Officially Open Source

Well, I finally made my first contribution to the Open Source community with this pull request for the “axlsx” Ruby library, used to programatically generate Excel spreadsheets.

I’m grateful that my employer and my management team have allowed me to contribute to the project on company time.

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EMC Elect 2015

I am once again humbled and deeply honoured to have been selected as a member of the EMC Elect program. I was also very pleased to see fellow Canuck Allen Ward back again this year. Allen took on judging the nominees this year which I know is a grueling task. Kudos to Allen and all the judges for their hard work!

The complete list of the EMC Elect for 2015 is available on the EMC Elect Blog. Dave Henry has put together a great summary and breakdown of how things came together this year. I would also recommend reading Rachel Foster’s interview with Mark Browne who is one of the community managers for the EMC Elect program.

I’m really looking forward to working with Mark and Mary and seeing how the program evolves in the coming year!

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