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EMC Elect 2014

on 2014-01-15

Each year the EMC Elect program recognizes the contributions of members of the EMC community — participation on the EMC Community Network, engagement on Twitter, blog entries on technology and in-person contributions at industry events. 80 members were selected to join the program this year, some returning and some new. I am very honoured to have been selected (elected?) as a member of EMC Elect again in 2014.

I have to admit that I find myself in awe every time I stop to consider how many interesting and influential people are fellow members of EMC Elect. I was going to give “shouts out” to some of the 79 others who were selected but I realized that I would end up posting 79 shouts out and there’s no way I would be able to do justice to all the members of EMC Elect for 2014 in this short blog post so I will just have to leave a link to the official list and encourage you to peruse their blogs and Twitter feeds.

Okay, I lied. I have to give a shout out to fellow Canuck Allen Ward. I’m very glad to see you back again this year! We’ll have to convince you to make the trip up one of these days to join us for the (unofficial) EMC Burlington “research meeting”.

I’ll leave you with additional thoughts on EMC Elect from some of the new and returning members from 2014:

I’m looking forward to the coming year and the chance to be a part of the fantastic EMC Elect community once again. Congratulations to all those who were selected and hopefully we’ll get a chance to see each other at EMC World 2014.

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  3. Rob Koper says:

    Great post, Ian. Congratulations with the repeated membership! 🙂

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