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Pie, pie, pie!

on 2012-10-08

This might seem a little out of character for the site but rest assured, it is not out of character for me (as any of my friends will attest); eating is one of my three favorite activities.

Things I learned today while making pie crust:
1. A pastry cloth is a fantastic asset for keeping your pie crust from sticking to whatever you’re rolling it on. Sadly, it is very difficult to find a pastry cloth in a department store these days.
2.5 Two is not the same as two and a half. Read your recipe carefully!
3. In place of a pastry cloth, you can use a silicone baking mat or parchment paper. If your parchment paper starts to slide around on the counter, put a damp cloth underneath and it will stay put as you roll.
4. Pastry does not slide well on parchment paper (though it doesn’t stick, either). To overcome this problem, you can slide a cookie sheet under the parchment paper and flip the pastry into the pie plate (or onto the filled pie if it’s the upper crust). If you’re putting the lower crust into the pie plate, it’s easier and more precise to put the empty pie plate on top of the pastry and flip the whole thing over.

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